2023 Accountability Challenge

2023 Accountability Challenge

Challenge Details

2023 Accountability Challenge
Jan 15th 2023 - March 19th 2023

I.)   Ia.) Body Fat % & Girth Loss
      Ib.)  Aesthetics
II.)  Performance Improvement
III.) Completion Challenges
IV.) Social Media Post with #2023C3Challenge  

Daily Goals


Drink 128oz of water per day

Drink 128oz of water per day
128oz/day =10 points
64oz/day=5 points 

Food Log

Log your food intake daily
10 points for completing your food journal on "myfitnesspal" each day of this competition. 

Completion Based Goals


40k Row

Between Jan 15th and March 19th complete 40k row meters.
Row meters in WODs only count when "meters" are programed on the rower 

800 Wall-Ball Shots

Complete 800 Wall-Ball Shots between Jan 15th and March 19th
*WB during Pre and post test WOD "Karen do NOT count
* Males use a 20lb ball / Females Use a 14lb ball

800 Burpees

Complete 800 Burpees Between Jan 15th and March 19th
*Burpees in WODs do NOT count towards this goal 

400 Pull-Ups

Complete 400 Pull-Ups between Jan 15th and March 19th.
* Pull-Ups in WODs do NOT count towards this goal
* These are challenging pull-ups for your fitness level!
  You can do banded strict, kipping, butterfly etc. but they should be challenging! 

Attend 3 classes per week

RSVP, Check in AND attend 3 classes per week!


Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw 2 weeks, 6 days ago / Reply


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Challenge Info:

2023 Accountability Challenge

Dates: Jan. 15, 2023 - March 25, 2023

Reg Deadline: Jan. 17, 2023

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