3x Week Month to month

$120 - Billed Monthly

Unlimited Month to Month

$150 - Billed Monthly

Camels For Christ

$0.00 / 1 Pack

Lift/WOD with Reggie

$0.00 / 1 Pack

Giving back to teachers and first responders. Lift/WOD with Reggie is a one time free extra class doing programming by Coach Reggie.  

Youth Lifting with Reggie

$0.00 / 1 Pack

Giving back to the youth in our community.  This is a small group setting for Olympic lifting.  Ages for this class is 10-13

3 Day Trial

$0.00 / 3 Pack

This membership is for potential members.  They get 3 visits FREE, if they decide to join after the 3 visits they will get 25% off the first full month membership. 

Camel Kids Class Jr

$30.00 / 4 Pack

Saturday Camel Kids Jr.

  • This is a 30min class 
  • Class meets each Saturday in July @9:30am
  • Classes include 
    •  Warm Up
    •  Skill Work 
    • Workout 
    • Game/Cool Down